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Educational video charts history of antisemitism for use at colleges

(JNS) The Academic Engagement Network (AEN) announces a new video, “Antisemitism in Our Midst,” which charts the history of antisemitism, from its ancient origins to its contemporary manifestations. The video was created as part of the Antisemitism Education Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley, which brings together campus stakeholders to inform about, discuss and develop the resources to respond to antisemitism. AEN is supporting the Antisemitism Education Initiative with a multi-year grant. 

AEN executive director Miriam F. Elman notes the video’s potential to reach new audiences. “With heightened anxiety about antisemitism around the country and the disturbing trend of rising antisemitic incidents on college campuses, this educational resource couldn’t be better timed,” she says.

Elman hopes the nuanced way in which the video approaches complex contemporary issues will lead to a deeper understanding of antisemitism among senior campus officials, especially those tasked with promoting diversity and inclusion. “On campus, it’s critically important for administrators and faculty to teach students how to better distinguish between a robust and rigorous criticism of Israel and harassment, intimidation and discriminatory actions targeting Jews for their support of Israel and their Zionist beliefs and identities,” she says.

Main Photo: Aerial view of buildings in the University of California, Berkeley campus with a view towards the San Francisco Bay shoreline. Credit: Sundry Photography/Shutterstock.

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