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Calif. student gov’t passes resolution to divest from companies active in Israel

(JNS) The Associated Students of Pomona College in California (ASPC) “unanimously passed” a resolution calling for the divestment of its funds from companies “complicit in the occupation of Palestine,” the Claremont Students for Justice in Palestine announced on Instagram on Thursday, April 22.

According to a report in the Claremont Independent, the firms from which ASPC will divest “are drawn from a list compiled by the United Nations and include such popular companies as Airbnb and TripAdvisor [and] student clubs that fail to divest from [them] will face the loss of ASPC funding.” The resolution – which called on “the other Claremont Colleges Student Government Associations to follow suit” – makes ASPC the second student government of the Claremont Consortium to enact a boycott of international companies active in Israel, following a similar resolution by the Pitzer Student Senate.

Pomona College management released a letter conveying “deep concern” that the “vote was held without representation from any student opposition.” The letter further stated, “The resolution’s stated goal of eventually enacting requirements that all student clubs supported by ASPC – not just ASPC itself – comply with its divestment stance or lose funding is also of deep concern, as it would require all students, regardless of their views, to participate in a boycott.”

Main Photo: Carnegie Hall at Pomona College in Claremont, California. Credit: Pomona College.

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