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Israeli PM reveals Mossad operation to find info on missing soldier

(JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett disclosed on Monday, Oct. 4, that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency started an operation in September to find information about the fate of missing Israeli Air Force navigator Ron Arad. “It was a complex, large-scale and daring operation. That’s all that can be said at the moment. We made another effort on the way to understanding what happened to Ron,” tweeted Bennett.

Lt. Col. Arad has been classified as “missing in action” since October 1986, when his plane went down over Lebanon. He successfully ejected himself but was captured by the local Shi’ite terrorist group Amal.

The captured navigator was learned to have been handed over to Hezbollah, and later, maybe to Iran. Arad was married and had one daughter.

Main Photo: Missing Israeli navigator Ron Arad. Photo: Israeli Air Force Archives/Facebook (Israel Hayom).

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