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Israelis lost in Ramallah rescued from attempted lynching

(Israel Hayom via JNS) Two Israelis who mistakenly entered Ramallah on Wednesday evening, Dec. 1, were rescued by Palestinian security forces from an attempted lynching. Palestinian rioters surrounded the pair of Breslov Hassidim, residents of the settlements of Shilo and Elad, near Manara Square in the center of the city and set their car on fire. The driver and passenger sustained minor injuries. The two were escorted out of the city and handed over to IDF soldiers at the Beit El checkpoint, after the Palestinians were warned that if the men were not returned to Israel, IDF forces would enter Ramallah.

Upon being questioned, the two claimed that they had wound up in Ramallah while trying to take a shortcut to Hashmonaim, near Modi’in. They said that when they reached Manara Square, the Palestinian crowd realized that they were Israeli citizens and began to circle their car, blocking them from driving away. They said that the Ramallah residents began to throw rocks at them, kicking their vehicle, beating it with rods, smashing the car’s windows and setting it on fire. These reports were corroborated by Palestinian media reports.

Members of the Palestinian security forces arrived and helped the two men out of their car and into their own vehicle, then coordinated with the IDF Civil Administration to hand them over to Israeli forces at the checkpoint outside the city.

Main Photo: Palestinians gather around the car of Israelis who got lost in Ramallah and were rescued from an angry mob that set the vehicle on fire on Dec. 1, 2021. Photo by Flash90.

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