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Antisemitic incidents in UK drop 43% in first half of 2022

(JNS) Britain’s Community Security Trust recorded 786 anti-Jewish hate incidents across the United Kingdom from January to June this year, representing a 43% decrease from the number of hate crimes reported in the first half of 2021.

More than 100 incidents were recorded with 16% of the victims and 20% of offenders being minors, CST said in its new “Antisemitic Incidents: January to June 2022” report published on Aug. 4.

Some 25 incidents targeted Jewish schoolchildren outside of school, often on their way to or from home; 12 incidents related to Russia’s war in Ukraine, such as conspiracy theories accusing Jewish people of causing and funding the war; 13 antisemitic incidents took place at Jewish schools; and 12 incidents involved Jewish schoolchildren or staff at non-faith schools.

This year’s figures are the fifth-highest half-year total ever recorded, noted the report.

Out of the overall total of 786 incidents recorded, 638 took place offline in the first half of 2022, forming 81% of the half-year total and the third-highest number of offline incidents ever recorded by the CST between January and June.

“This suggests that even in a year without a significant trigger event, in-person antisemitic activity has returned to and surpassed the volume typically reported before the [COVID-19] pandemic began,” stated the report. “These incidents include face-to-face verbal abuse, assault, threats, graffiti and hate mail.”

CST recorded 1,371 antisemitic incidents in the first half of 2021; 875 antisemitic incidents during the same period in 2020, 911 from January to June 2019, and 810 in the first six months of 2018. CST said that “without a trigger event to prompt it,” this year’s figure of 786 may represent a “new normal” and “a baseline of antisemitism in the U.K., which far exceeds the half-year totals reported to CST before 2017.”

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