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A family friendly walk/run to support Holocaust survivors in need

NEW YORK, NY – Come Sept. 18, countless participants will take to the streets in their communities around the world to remember the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust by walking/running six miles during the four-day campaign to raise the necessary means to support the 65,000 Holocaust survivors still living in United States.

The Blue Card, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting the needs of Holocaust survivors, will hold the 6-4-6 walk/run from Sept. 18 through Sept. 21, with the goal of raising $60,000. As part of the walk/run any participating individual or team will have four days to achieve the six-mile goal at their convenience.

All are encouraged to post videos and pictures of their individual efforts on social media and/or the
GoFundraise platform.

“The idea to walk, run, or do any endurance tied to six miles in four days is meant to represent the six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust and to allow anyone, anywhere, the ability to participate in this event,” Jeremy Prawer, the lead organizer of the 6-4-6 campaign, said. “Not only will the 6-4-6 walk/run raise awareness about helping the last remaining Holocaust survivors in need, but it will inspire people to get involved for a cause that is much greater than themselves.”

Those participating will walk/run six (6) miles in four (4) days to remember the six (6) million Jews killed in the Holocaust. The $60,000 goal will ensure that Holocaust survivors in need across America have a free telephone emergency response system (TERS) unit installed in their home. As well as provide survivors with a stipend in honor of the upcoming High Holidays and allow The Blue Card to raise Holocaust awareness and education.

Prawer, a Queens College alum who’s been working in the asset management industry for the last 10 years, was inspired to do this by his grandfather, Aba Prawer. Growing up, Aba would always show his grandson the numbers on his forearm, telling him to never forget who you are and most importantly, to “never forget where you come from.”

Aba survived both Auschwitz and Buchenwald, being liberated in 1945. His grandmother, Aba’s wife, was one of the only surviving members of her family. Prawer’s grandmother from his mother’s side survived the war in Europe by falsifying papers as a Polish maid and his other grandfather was in the Czech army before becoming a POW in Siberia. All four were one of the few, if only, survivors of their families.

The Blue Card has allowed Prawer to fulfill his obligation and commitment to commemorate each of his grandparents. With a platform thanks to The Blue Card, he can honor their legacies and continue his mission of assisting the last remaining survivors by promoting Holocaust awareness and education.

“The Blue Card’s 6-4-6 walk/run is a unique and meaningful way to support Holocaust survivors,” Masha Pearl, executive director of The Blue Card, said. “The event will seek to raise awareness and funds for the needs of the Holocaust survivors who live under the poverty line.”

This family friendly program is perfect for anyone who wants to walk or run at their own pace, time and ability.

The 6-4-6 campaign precedes the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon on Nov. 6. The Blue Card has been an official charity of the NYC Marathon for over 12 years with participants joining from all across the world to raise critical funds and awareness for Holocaust survivors.

The Blue Card’s 6-4-6 walk/run will serve as a tremendous opportunity for all schools, firms, families and more to collaboratively unite for this sole mission to ensure that the horrors and atrocities of the Holocaust will never be forgotten, providing the much-needed health and financial services to those last remaining survivors. 

The Blue Card was originally founded in Germany in 1934 to provide financial help to Jews fleeing from persecution. The Blue Card was re-established in the United States in 1939 to assist refugees escaping Nazi horrors.

To learn more about The Blue Card, visit bluecardfund.org.

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