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Running for Chabad

Adam Segal loves the Chabad Jewish Center in Glastonbury, Connecticut so much he was willing to run around Lake Waramaug in Kent, Connecticut. six times to raise money for the organization.

“Every time I go to Chabad, I leave feeling better. I want to support the Chabad Jewish Center. It’s a great cause,” Segal said. “I’ve been training for this race for several months. What started as a simple challenge to myself has grown into an opportunity to raise funds for an incredibly worthy cause, the Chabad Jewish Center.”

On April 30, Segal ran around the lake six times — or 50 miles — in the rain to support Chabad. The run took him 12 hours.

During one of his breaks, Segal was surprised by Chabad Jewish Center’s Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky and six of his children who arrived to cheer him on. At one point Sara and Dovid Wolvovsky ran along side Segal to show their support.

During the break Segal put on tefillin. Just then, another avid runner came by and told them “I know what they are,” referring to the tefillin. As Rabbi Wolvovsky puts it, one mitzvah led to another and this new friend—bwhose Hebrew name is “Laibel” — also played tefillin next to the lake.

So far Segal’s Run or Chabad has raised nearly $11,000, which will allow the Chabad Jewish Center to assist local families and individuals with food, funds, counseling, and education.

PHOTO: Chabad run

CAP: Adam Segal was cheered on by several members of the Wolvovsky family during his Run for Chabad.

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