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Halley Faust elected president of medical association

Dr. Halley Faust

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  The  American  College  of  Preventive  Medicine (ACPM)  has  announced  election of Halley  Faust,  MD,  MPH,  FACPM,  as president– elect of its Board of Regents. Results of the election were announced at the organization’s Preventive Medicine conference held recently in San Antonio, Tex.. Faust  will  assume  the  presidency  in  2013; he  will  sit  on  the  Board  of Regents  and  the executive  committee  of  the  board until 2017.
Faust, formerly of West Hartford, works  in  bioethics  and  venture capital  from  his  home  in  Santa  Fe,  N.M.  He  is  clinical  associate  professor  of  family and  community  medicine  at  the  University  of  New  Mexico,  and sits  on  the  university’s  Preventive  Medicine  Residency  Advisory Committee. Previously,  he  was  visiting professor  of  biology  and philosophy at  Wesleyan  University  in  Middletown where  he  taught  epidemiology  and biomedical  ethics.
Faust co–edited  with philosopher  Paul  Menzel  the  book “Prevention  vs. Treatment: What’s  the  Right Balance?”  to  be  published  in  Oct. 2011. He also  manages  Jerome  Capital,  LLC,  a  venture  capital  fund  founded in 1997  now  based  in  New  Mexico,  which  invests  in  medically–related high technology  early  stage companies.  From  1991-2000  he  was responsible for  the  founding,  organization, management,  and  investments of  Medmax Ventures,  LLC,  a  venture  capital  fund  that specialized  in early stage  high technology  medical  companies  in  Israel.
From 1999–2002,   Faust  was  an  adjunct  professor  in  the  Barney School of Business  at  the  University  of  Hartford,  where  he  taught  health  policy  and  medical industry  strategy  to  the  executive  MBA  program  for  health care  professionals.
Faust  has  been  active  in  ACPM  since  1978  and  a  fellow  since  1981.   He  currently  chairs  the  Committee  on  Ethics.    In  2009  he  was  awarded the College’s  Distinguished  Service  Award.
Faust  received  his  medical  degree  from  Jefferson  Medical  College;  his MPH  from  the  University  of  Michigan,  and  his  MA  in  philosophy  from  Wesleyan  University.  He  is  board  certified both in general  preventive medicine  and  medical  management. In  addition  to  being  a fellow  of  the college,  is  also  a  lifetime  fellow  of  the  American  College  of  Physician Executives.

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