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LETTER: The NY Times’ biased coverage

The NY Times’ biased coverage
The loss of the media’s moral compass should be front-page news. Instead, The New York Times feeds the free fall with its own biased imaging of the latest Hamas attack upon Israel.
On Sunday, Nov. 25, the lead story centered on a dramatized photograph of schools girls in Gaza City gazing at their destroyed school. Nothing here about Hamas intentionally placing rocket launchers in civilian areas, hoping for massive casualties in schools and hospitals. Nothing about the ceaseless aggression against Israeli civilians.
Imagine — as a historian I must — media coverage of the Holocaust dwelling on Germans standing on long lines for food while Jews are burning in the ovens: Empathy for the perpetrators, contempt for the victims.
On page 12 [of the same issue], a small picture of an Israeli father taking a child to look at a beach next to barbed wire. A hint that Jews belong in cordoned spaces? Not in our times? Take another look.

Dr. Vera Schwarz
West Hartford

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