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Netanyahu hints at arming Syrian rebels

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during an interview with the BBC, did not rule out the possibility that Israel may arm moderate rebel groups in Syria. “I have said that the arming of rebels presents the question of which rebels and which arms, and it is a very complicated question for every country, including my country Israel,” Netanyahu told the BBC interviewer.

Israel has largely stayed out of the two-year long civil war in Syria. However, it has occasionally returned fire against Syrian elements across the Golan Heights border, as well as purportedly targeting a Syrian military convoy headed to supply the terror group Hezbollah in Lebanon. While arming rebels in Syria would be extremely risky for Israel, some experts believe that it would be in Israel’s interest to supply arms to moderate rebel forces. Israel may even work with Turkey, with which it is trying to mend relations, to help arm these groups. “


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