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Dutch politician says Europe needs Zionist mentality


( LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Europeans “need to follow the example of the Jewish people and re-establish their nation-state” to counter the growing Islamization of their countries, Dutch politician Geert Wilders said Sunday in Los Angeles. “My friends, what we need today is Zionism for the nations of Europe,” Wilders, founder and leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, said at the “Europe’s Last Stand?” conference, organized by the American Freedom Alliance. Wilders described that Europe’s inner cities “have come to resemble Northern Africa and the Middle East” because they are ruled by Islamic Sharia law, noting that Islamic areas border the European Union headquarters in Brussels and that “largely Islamic suburbs” surround Paris. “Bit by bit, European countries are losing their national sovereignty,” Wilders said. Elan Journo, fellow and director of policy research at The Ayn Rand Institute of Irvine, Calif., said Europe’s history—including “real applications of communism and socialism,” feudalism, and the French Revolution—has led many Europeans to accept a collectivist mentality that closely resembles militant Islamic ideology and currently works in harmony with it. That collectivist mentality has also spurred antisemitism, Journo explained. “What happens when you bring in an ideology like militant Islam or Islamic totalitarianism [into Europe], which by virtue of its religious creed divides the world into two groups—there’s the believers and the unbelievers—that magnifies an existing view, that the Jews are part of the unbelievers,” Journo told

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