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Russell Brand calls for BDS on Israel

( British comedian and actor Russell Brand has called on banks, pension funds, and other businesses to sever any ties to Israel or ongoing deals that “facilitate the oppression of people in Gaza.” In particular, Brand singled out the Barclays bank, which he said manages “the portfolios of an Israeli defense company called Elbit, which makes the drones that bomb Gaza.”

“The message they give us is the exact opposite of the reality, they’re acting like they’re part of our community,” Brand said on the new episode of his online show, “The Trews.” Brand also asked viewers to sign a petition on the Avaaz campaign website, which is pressuring companies and brands to rethink their investment in Israel. The petition has amassed more than 1.5 million signatures. Previously, Brand said Hamas terrorists might use “what we would perceive or term as acts of terror” to defend themselves against Israel.

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