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Israel names first female ambassador to Arab state

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to The Foreign Ministry announced 12 new diplomatic corps appointments on Sunday, including seven female ambassadors. For the first time, a woman is Israel’s new ambassador to Jordan. Einat Shlain, head of the international division at the Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Research Center, has been with the Foreign Ministry for 22 years, and has been a Middle Eastern affairs adviser with the Israeli Embassy in Washington. She is expected to assume office in mid-2015, replacing current Ambassador to Jordan Daniel Nevo. The Foreign Ministry also named five other female ambassadors, and the appointments are pending approval.

“The fact that women make up the majority of appointments in the current nominations round – seven out of 12 nominations – is a source of pride to Israeli women,” said Vered Swid, head of the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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