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Iran behind attacks in Golan Heights

( All attacks in the Golan Heights region since December 2013 “have been carried out with Iranian direction,” a senior Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Northern Command officer told reporters on August 16. According to the officer, who remained anonymous, several hundred Hezbollah terrorist operatives are currently active on the Syrian side of the Israeli border in the Golan Heights. The officer also said Iran was responsible for the planting of an explosive device on the Israel-Syria border in April. Terrorist operatives in the border area have received “clear guidance” from Iran to carry out attacks, the officer said. One terrorist cell operating in the area is led by Samir Kuntar, the Lebanese Druze terrorist who was released from Israeli prison in 2008 as part of a swap deal with Hezbollah. Kuntar has recruited local Syrians to join the ranks of his cell. “Iran sends advisers [to the area] and provides money, weapons, and training [to terrorists operating there],” the officer said, Israel Hayom reported.

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