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Israel sees 25 percent drop in terrorist attacks

(JTA) — The number of terrorist attacks on Israelis decreased significantly in December over the previous month, Israel’s security agency said. The Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet, recorded 246 attacks by Palestinians on Israelis in December compared to 326 in November, the organization said in its monthly report released the first week in January. The 25 percent drop led to fewer casualties. December had three fatalities and 44 wounded from terrorist attacks, while November had 10 fatalities and 58 wounded. In the December report, the Shin Bet for the first time added the category “Jewish terrorism” to the synopsis. It listed only one incident: The hurling of two smoke grenades into a home near Ramallah, resulting in no injury. Of the attacks against Israelis in December, all three fatalities were in stabbings. The attacks are part of a wave of terrorism that began in September. Since then, the Shin Bet has documented over 1,415 attacks, which resulted in the death of 25 victims and dozens of wounded.

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