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Dining out…at Big Y

The kosher food department tucked away in the corner of the Big Y supermarket at Bishops Corner in West Hartford is always a busy place – with a steady flow of shoppers stopping by to fill up their carts with prepared foods found at the full-size deli counter or in the cases of fresh and frozen meats and cheeses and soups and salads and so much more. But the department was even busier than usual one late afternoon in February when Big Y hosted its Second Annual Kosher Food Tasting, deftly orchestrated by the department’s head, Edie Perew. Dozens of shoppers – those who keep kosher and those who don’t – noshed on a seemingly endless array of kosher food products – hummus in a wide variety of flavors, different types of quinoa and couscous dishes, white fish salad on Tam Tam crackers, sesame noodles, cheeses, cakes and cookies…and hot sweet-and-sour chicken wings and bite-size potato knishes. Who needed to cook dinner?

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