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Polish soccer fans attack Israeli team after game, two people hurt

(JTA) – A group of soccer fans in Poland attacked an Israeli team following a game. Two people affiliated with the Israeli team, Hapoel Petach Tikvah, were injured in the incident Wednesday evening in Sochocin, about 45 miles northwest of Warsaw, after the Israelis defeated MKS Ciechanow, 2-0, in an exhibition game. Following the game, some masked fans broke onto the field trying to beat the members of the Israeli team and its staff. Ciechanów condemned the incident and stressed that the club and its fans had nothing to do with it. “First and foremost, we emphasize that our Club regrets the whole situation and strongly condemns the behavior of the perpetrators of this perilous incident, but at the same time we stress that none of the members of our Club-related community had anything to do with the whole situation,” read a statement issued by the club.

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