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Gazans say flaming kites are best terrorist weapon

(JNS) Gaza Palestinians expressed their delight over the success of incendiary “terror kites” being flown into Israel, which have set fire to thousands of acres of agricultural and protected lands along the border. In a candid interview with Ynet news, Palestinians told reporters that after they send the blazing kites into Israel – which they paint in the colors of the Palestinian flag, and occasionally with swastikas – they tune into Facebook to watch the fires. “The kite is the best weapon and the most important weapon we have in Gaza, it’s better than all of the rockets and weapons we have,” H. told reporters. “When a rocket is fired from Gaza, you have a response to it, but for the kites you don’t have a response, they cause you a lot of damage.” According to H., the “kites” unit is not connected to Hamas, but is a group of young Gazans divided into groups by area. “We watch TV and realize you have great fear of these kites,” H said. “Because of that, every Friday there are more and more youths who participate in this activity.”

On Monday, June 4, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said over 2,200 acres of agricultural lands and nature reserves have been burned down since the arson kites were first implemented as a terror tool.

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