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Crazy Good vs. Crazy Bad

Recently, Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky, director of the Benet Rothstein Chabad Jewish Center in Glastonbury, addressed the East Hampton Rotary Club, delivering what Rotary president Mark Cibula called a “very energetic and compassionate talk on the true meaning of charity.” In his talk, the rabbi drew a parallel between the mission of Rotary Judaism which he refered to as a “Religion of Action.” Rabbi Wolvovsky challenged members with the question, “Has the old crazy become the new normal?” “Crazy is not necessarily bad,” he said. “It is extreme. Love and hate can make you crazy. The opposite of crazy bad is crazy good. When we see crazy bad we must transform it to crazy good!”

CAP: Rabbi Yosef Wolvovsky received the Rotary Bell from Mark Cibula.

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