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Bill de Blasio campaigns in Yiddish

(JTA) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is marshaling his supporters in the Hasidic community to solicit donations in Yiddish for his presidential campaign.

Leaders in the Satmar movement who are close to de Blasio have sent out an appeal online and over the messaging app WhatsApp urging Hasidim to donate at least $1 to his campaign, according to Politico. The message says de Blasio been a reliable advocate for the Satmar movement’s interests as mayor. The Satmar movement is divided into two factions, one of which supported de Blasio’s mayoral campaign. He has since backed their policy priorities in office.

De Blasio has been earning little to no support in polls of the Democratic presidential candidates. He needs 130,000 individual donors in order to qualify for next month’s party debate. The Satmar appeal, according to Politico, is made in the name of people “who work together with the faithful [community leaders] who are in constant contact with the government to lobby on a number of issues on behalf of our holy institutions and communities and for individuals who need help and to represent your interests.”

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