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Swastika found on dorm room of Israeli sisters at U of Indianapolis

(JTA) – A swastika was drawn on the wall of a dorm room at the University of Indianapolis shared by twin Israeli sisters. The swastika in faint red marker was discovered Monday night, Aug. 5 as Shira and Michal Sasson were moving into their room. The Israeli students starting their junior year are on the University of Indianapolis basketball team. The Jewish women were provided with a different room and with emotional support, university officials said in a statement. “We are saddened and angered by this act of hate and bigotry. Although we do not yet know the source of this antisemitic act, we should all be reminded that the University of Indianapolis is a welcoming and inclusive environment, denounces actions such as these, and does not tolerate antisemitic actions or any behavior that is aligned with ideologies that promote hate,” the statement also said.

“I was disgusted, hurt and really taken aback,” Michal Sasson told the Indianapolis Star. “It was like a kick in my stomach. … I just said we’re miles and miles away from home, and this is our home away from home. And at that moment, I felt even further away from my house.”

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