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UK Jewish group commissions report on the prejudice black Jews face

(JTA) – In response to protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd in the U.S., The Board of Deputies of British Jews – the largest Jewish communal organization in the United Kingdom – has launched a commission to investigate the prejudices British Jews of color face and how to make the Jewish community a more welcoming environment. “We recognize that, while the outpouring of solidarity with the Black community from many Jewish institutions has been heartening, this must now be matched by a willingness in the community to learn and strive to become a more welcoming environment for its own Black members,” the board said in a statement. The board plans to ask British Jews about their experiences in communal settings, then make recommendations for action to local Jewish communities. The commission will be chaired by Stephen Bush, a black journalist and editor of the New Statesman who has written about his Jewish heritage.

Main Photo: A man and a woman hold hands aloft in Hyde Park during a “Black Lives Matter” protest following the death of George Floyd who died in police custody in Minneapolis, London, Britain, June 3, 2020(photo credit: REUTERS/DYLAN MARTINEZ)

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