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RBG’s family to accept honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion U

(JNS) In his letter inviting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburn, to receive a 2020 honorary doctorate, Ben Gurion University Presient Professor Daniel Chamovitz wrote, “From fighting for your own right to excel as a lawyer in a male-dominated profession to becoming a human-rights advocate for all people and fulfilling the demanding role of U.S. Supreme Court Justice, your courage to follow your inner moral compass has repeatedly shown the world how thoughtful, seasoned, compassionate judgment is a necessary guidepost for democratic rule.”

Ginsburg was planning to travel this year to accept the degree, but the ceremony was postponed due to COVID-19. Instead, her family will be invited to Israel to accept the degree on her behalf at a future date of mutual convenience.

AABGU CEO Doug Seserman said “our board and staff share in the world’s grief over this heroic and fearless Jewish trailblazer. The world lost a guiding light. Now we must find our own. RIP RBG. May her memory be for a blessing.”

Main Photo: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Credit: European University Institute/Flickr.

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