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Mayim Bialik talks Judaism, Hollywood, Covid-19

“I felt as if I were sitting in her living room!” said Temple Sholom congregant Bob Lichtenfeld in describing Temple Sholom’s virtual conversation with Emmy-nominated actress and New York Times bestselling author, Mayim Bialik, on Jan. 7. “She is quite an outstanding woman – both in talent and intellect.”

Bialik – best known as the star of the 90’s sitcom, Blossom, and more recently, as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in Big Bang Theory – was an open book as she answered ques-tions on an assortment of topics during the hour-long Zoom discussion moderated by Temple Sholom congregant and vice president of programming Scott Kramer, and at-tended by close to 200 participants. The program kicked-off Temple Sholom’s 2021 Speaker Series.

“The conversation gave us insight into Mayim, not just as an actress but as a mom (to 12 and 15 year old boys) and as a Modern Orthodox Jew. Mayim is exceptionally proud of being Jewish,” said Kramer.  

When asked whether or not she has been a target of antisemitism, Bialik, a strong supporter of Israel, said, “Even though I tend to be a bleeding heart liberal and do support rights for Palestinians and support a safe and protected Israel, the fact that I believe in Israel existing has led to death threats. When you post about Israel…all people hear is Jew and Israel and then you get hate.  It really doesn’t matter what your politics are to antisemites. I believe in the right of Israel to exist and for many people that is unacceptable. I don’t apologize for that.”

Bialik’s new television show, “Call Me Kat” premiered just days before the program with Temple Sholom. In addition, she recently launched a podcast called “Mayim Bi-alik’s Breakdown”, which focuses on exploring mental health issues.

Main Photo: Mayim Bialik being interviewed on Zoom by Temple Sholom’s Scott Kramer.

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