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Hundreds of US mayors sign pledge to combat antisemitism

(JNS) American Jewish Committee and the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) announced March 29 that more than 525 mayors across the United States have joined their national effort to combat antisemitism. The two organizations are calling on mayors across the country to sign a statement declaring that antisemitism is incompatible with fundamental democratic values. “Antisemitism is a growing societal menace, it comes from multiple sources, and mayors are uniquely positioned to lead their cities in taking concerted steps to fight it,” said AJC CEO David Harris.

The statement, Mayors United Against Antisemitism, in part reads: “In a world of global communications, where antisemitic ideas spread rapidly, a concerted and principled response is required to raise awareness, to educate and to ensure decency prevails. As mayors and municipal leaders, we have a unique responsibility to speak out against the growing menace of antisemitism.”

As part of signing the pledge, the mayors agree to condemn antisemitism in all its forms, including hatred and prejudice directed towards Jews; stereotypes or conspiracy theories about Jews; Holocaust denial or distortion; and anti-Israel animus that crosses a line to target Jews or deny the Jewish state’s right to exist. Additionally, the mayors also will support national, state and local efforts to eradicate antisemitism; reject notions that Israel’s actions can justify or excuse antisemitic acts; and affirm that a climate of mutual understanding and respect among all citizens is the bedrock of pluralistic communities.”

Main Photo: Thousands of people cross the Brooklyn Bridge as part of the “No Hate, No Fear” Jewish Solidarity March in January 2020 in response to anti-Semitic attacks in and around New York City. Lev Radin / Shutterstock

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