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Dor L’Dor: Family Learning Program in West Hartford

The Young Israel of West Hartford popular Dor L’Dor: Family Learning Program is in full swing. Sponsored in memory of Dr. Al and Helen Weisel, those who sign up for Dor L’Dor weekend events, receive educational materials that the whole family can study together over Shabbat. Each set of learning materials has a different track geared for different age groups, as well as a guide for adults to steer the conversation. Learning packets will be available for download ahead of each weekend. 

Each Dor L’Dor educational packet will also be accompanied by a virtual or in-person collective event – such as, a glow-in-the-dark Havdallah, Sunday Pizza & Prizes, Menorah Construction Contests, etc.  — that include sfood and a raffle with fun prizes.

This winter’s Dor L’Dor weekends are:

Shabbat Vayechi – 12/18

Shabbat Vaera – 1/1

Shabbat Beshalach – 1/15

Shabbat Yitro – 1/22

For more information visit youngisraelwh.org/dorldor  

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