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The winning number in Stamford

Bi-Cultural Day School’s Excellence 2000 (E2K) math students took first place in the International Math Competition, sponsored by The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education. A total of 16 schools from around the globe, selected by lottery, participated in the challenge. Eighteen seventh and eighth grade students from the Stamford school participated in the competition.BCDS E2K Team

“The contest was held in a virtual classroom that each school logs into. We can communicate with the moderator, and when they give us a chance to speak, we can explain how we came to a solution to an answer for all to hear,” explained fifth grade teacher Emily Tully, the group’s advisor.

The students have been doing E2K math classes since November, working on the skills needed for the competition, she said, meeting every Thursday after school.

“My favorite part of the competition was when they were announcing the third, second and first place winners,” said seventh grader Daniel Seligson.  I didn’t hear our school called for the third and second, so I was crossing my fingers that we were first. When we were called for first place, the whole room lit up with excitement and so did the whole school!”

Head of School Jackie Herman said the students made an impact with both their math skills and overall behavior. “These talented individuals impressed not only faculty, students, parents and community members, but impressed the judges as well. They commented on how respectful, well-behaved, and bright our students were, which gave validation to what we already knew,” said Herman.

Tully said it all came back to one thing: “They love math! If they didn’t love math we really would not be able to have the club.”

Members of the winning team:

Joshua Appel, Sarah Jane Bennett, Liam Budurtha, Joshua Dweck, Olivia Dweck, Daniel Goldblum, Matthew Greenbaum, Ari Israel, Sophie Jacobson, Gedalia Koehler, Perri Liebergall, Charlie Nadel, Emma Rich, Benjamin Robinov, Joseph Rubin, Daniel Seligson, Sara Smart, Leah Voytovich.

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