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The Guardian rejects Dershowitz ad on Hamas

( The British newspaper The Guardian rejected an advertorial piece penned by famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz that refutes statements by many media outlets that all of the Gaza Strip is densely populated, a claim that has been used to justify the use of human shields by Hamas in the terrorist group’s recent conflict with Israel. “The British media is divided,” Dershowitz said. “But The Guardian, which holds itself out to be a purveyor of diverse truth, clearly reflects a bias against Israel on its editorial pages, as well as in its presentation of the news. Now that bias has spread to the advertising pages.”

The advertisement was based on an older editorial written by Dershowitz for the Gatestone Institute and was sponsored by the Wechsler Family Foundation. Dershowitz said that newspapers “have a right to decide which ads to accept and reject,” but questioned The Guardian’s decision not to run his advertorial. “My column was factually sound and not a personal attack on anybody. It simply laid out the geographic facts of the Gaza Strip and its implications,” he said.

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