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Jewish groups blast Trump for call to block entry of Muslims

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Jewish groups blasted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his proposal to block all Muslims from entering the United States. “A plan that singles out Muslims and denies them entry to the U.S. based on their religion is deeply offensive and runs contrary to our nation’s deepest values,” the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said in a statement Monday evening, Dec. 7, hours after Trump, a real estate billionaire and reality TV star, issued his call. “In the Jewish community, we know all too well what can happen when a particular religious group is singled out for stereotyping and scapegoating,” Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL’s CEO said. “We also know that this country must not give into fear by turning its back on its fundamental values, even at a time of great crisis.” The American Jewish Committee’s director of policy, Jason Isaacson, said, “As Jews who are now observing Chanukah, a holiday that celebrates a small religious minority’s right to live unmolested, we are deeply disturbed by the nativist racism inherent in the candidate’s latest remarks.” Other Jewish groups condemning the comments included the National Jewish Democratic Council, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and JAC, a Jewish political action committee.

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