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NYPD officers help Jewish man with wedding proposal

(JTA) — Three New York Police Department police officers staged a fake traffic stop as part of a wedding proposal. The officers stopped Yehuda Coriat, 22, and his girlfriend, Sorah Oppen, 20, in the borough of Queens last week, the New York Post reported. They accused Coriat of carrying drugs and weapons in the car and questioned Oppen about her boyfriend before ordering her to get out of the car and open the trunk, according to the newspaper. When Oppen opened the trunk balloons flew out, and Coriat dropped on one knee and proposed, the Post reported. A friend named Yoel Tyrnauer arranged the ruse, Oppen told the Post. Tyrnauer said he walked into the precinct “and tried my luck,” the Post reported. It is not known if the police officers, who wore uniforms, were on duty or off duty.

CAP: NYPD officers help Jewish man with wedding proposal | The Times of Israel.

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