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New program brings entertainers into homes of children with disabilities

In the new reality of self-isolation, certain populations, like children, people with disabilities and youth-at-risk, who rely on interactive therapy for cognitive stimulation, are currently stuck at home with much less access.

In response, as part of its new TakeAction program and in partnership with website-building company Wix, the Jerusalem College of Technology’s (Machon Lev) LevTech Entrepreneurship Center has launched Artists TakeAction – an online platform for virtual shows in which musicians and other artists interact live with audiences of all types.

As part of the new initiative, artists donate their time to do live interactive shows like music, storytelling, magic, animal shows and more to engage children, people with disabilities, and the general public stuck at home during the coronavirus crisis. Artists who are already set to do live shows through other platforms are also invited to publicize their events on the site, so that, for example, a parent can see all the events listed in one place.

Artists TakeAction has partnered with organizations such as Shalva, which works with individuals with disabilities, Zichron Menachem, which helps children and families with cancer and Kav L’Noar, which provides support and guidance for youth-at-risk.

Artists TakeAction is part of the larger TakeAction project, a special program which leverages the talents of JCT’s students, graduates and faculty to develop technological solutions for emerging needs in social service and emergency relief due to COVID-19. These software solutions and products will enable emergency services and nonprofits to serve the people they normally help but with whom they now have limited contact – including the elderly, children with disabilities, the sick, people in need of food and medicine, and any population whose existing vulnerabilities are amplified during this era of self-isolation.

To encourage more artists to donate their time, please visit ArtistsTakeAction.org.il. You can learn more about the larger TakeAction project for technological solutions for vulnerable populations at TakeAction.org.il.

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