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Video of the Week – “Kolot Nashim” The Voices of Women

On Tuesday, May 25 at 7:30 pm, The Zamir Chorale of Boston presents Part II of “Kolot Nashim,” hosted by Josh Jacobson and Amy Lieberman. 

The program includes interviews with composers Achinoam Nini (aka Noa), with a new performance of her and Mira Awad’s “There Must Be Another Way”; Benjie Ellen Schiller, with a performance of her “Harninu” (Psalm 81); Elena Kats-Chernin (Sydney, Australia), with a US premiere performance of her Psalm 23; and Kirsten and Ken Lampl (Canberra, Australia), with a performance of their “Dirshu.”

Free tickets are available from https://zamir.org.

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