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National Leadership Summit and Never Is Now to be held NYC in March

Nuseir Yassin — aka Nas Daily — is an Israeli-Palestinian content creator who got his start creating one-minute videos documenting stories of his trip around the world.

His social media following has grown to over 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (67 million in total across all platforms) and a successful company, where he courageously shares his mission to bring people together. Yassin posted a poignant post about his own identity in the aftermath of 10/7, condemning Hamas’s violence and voicing support for his home, Israel. His videos like the one shown here refuse to stick to the usual stark ‘us vs. them’ divisions that prevent real conversations.

This March at Never Is Now, the world’s largest summit on antisemitism and hate, we are proud to be honoring Yassin with ADL’s prestigious Daniel Pearl Award for his work in building bridges of understanding between Jews and Muslims and for promoting peace and understanding across communities.

This award recognizes leaders who demonstrate a commitment to the values which guided the life of Daniel Pearl, a commitment to building understanding between Jews and Muslims and all peoples and seeing entrenched conflicts from a new perspective. For both his ongoing goal of promoting unity, and for lifting his voice boldly against hate at a time when that needed to be heard, Yassin is deeply deserving of this recognition.

The ADL Daniel Pearl Award was established in 2002 by longtime ADL leaders George and Ruth Moss and their son, Richard, following the horrific murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002 at the hands of antisemitic terrorists in Pakistan. Just days ago, we marked the 22nd year since his killing.

We invite you to join Yassin and so many more of the world’s most committed, accomplished and innovative leaders in coming together to send the message that hate cannot win.

Tickets are available by invitation only for NLS March 4-5; combo tickets for the full event March 4-7 are also available. Programming is specifically for ADL’s national leadership bodies (Global Leadership Council, National Commission, ADL ACT) and Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) participants and alumni. Register and find out more at neverisnow.adl.org.

PHOTO: Nuseir Yassin

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