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Letter: Clarifying the mystery of the mikvah

Thank you for your recent coverage of the mikvah (“The Mystery of the Mikvah,” August 19, 2011). I want to correct one concept from my interview (“Conversation with Rabbi Ilana Garber”).  The idea of “mikvah lo m’kabel tuma” means that a mikvah itself cannot become impure.  In all mikvah supervision, mikvah guides (shomrim/shomrot) ensure that the person immersing is physically and spiritually ready to enter the mikvah’s waters.  If anyone in our community would like to learn more about the incredible impact an immersion in the mikvah can provide, please be in touch with the board of Mikveh Bess Israel (in West Hartford) or with me directly.

Rabbi Ilana Garber
Beth El Temple, West Hartford

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