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Israelis respond to Arab hacking

Last week hackers shut down the websites of El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and invaded websites in Shiloh, a town in Samaria. In addition, anti-Israel messages were posted on the websites of Azerbaijan’s Interior and Communications ministries, its governing party and constitutional court. Azerbaijan is a Muslim country and an ally of Israel.
“We had hacked some websites in the past but from now on, I, OxOmar, decided to hack only Israeli sites to harm it and make it suffer,” said the Saudi hacker, according to Israel National News. “I live in Riyadh and I am fighting for the children of Palestine… I want to tell these children to resist and that victory is very close. I will finish Israel electronically. I am one of the stronger haters of Israel. The end of Israel is very close.”
In response, a group of Israeli hackers calling itself “IDF-Team” crashed the Saudi Arabian and Abu Dhabi stock market web pages, Israel Hayom reported. Another Israeli hacker calling himself “0xOmer” retaliated against the Saudi credit card hacker by exposing the credit card information of hundreds of Saudi citizens.
—JointMedia News Service

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