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Stamford prof joins new Yeshiva U MBA program

(Left to right) Dr. Adedimeji, David Berk and Dr. Avi Giloni, associate dean at Sy Syms

Dr. Adebola Adedimeji, of Stamford, assistant professor of epidemiology and population health at YU’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is among the inaugural class of 15 students in Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business new Executive Masters of Business Administration  (EMBA) program. The unique EMBA program, held on Sundays, also includes two international residencies: study in Israel during the first year and an emerging market country in the second.  Among other subjects, the program will include a strong foundation in ethics which will be presented in monthly seminars led by Dr. Moses Pava of Springfield, Mass., dean of Sy Syms and the author or editor of more than 16 books in the field (see this page for a story on the Pava family).“We’ll look at cases from the perspective of Jewish ethics, but also contemporary and secular ethics as well,” said Pava. “We want students to graduate from this program with the knowledge that it’s possible to earn high profits while being part of the solution, not part of the problem — that there’s a connection between corporate social responsibility, ethical behavior and traditional profit.”

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