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Harvard students receive club invitations excluding Jews

Harvard University students received flyers from a supposed “Harvard’s Newest Final Club” stating that Jews should not apply but “coloreds” are welcome to do so.  The flyer invited students to an introductory club event, listing three virtues: “inclusion,” with the footnote of “Jews need not apply”; “diversity,” followed by the words “Seriously, no f*ing Jews. Coloreds OK”; and “Love,” which directed students to the word “Rophynol,” a misspelled version of the date rape drug Rohypnol, according to the Harvard Crimson. Although some at the Ivy League school believe the flyers intended as a satire of Harvard’s exclusively male “final clubs,” many condemned their language. “As Dean of the College, and as an educator, I find these flyers offensive. They are not a reflection of the values of our community,” the dean of Harvard College, Evelynn M. Hammonds, said in a statement.

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