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Abbas Honors Palestinian murderer

( Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas and several of his senior officials have honored Palestinian murderer Issa Abd Rabbo over the past month, according to documentation by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Issa Abd Rabbo is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for the 1984 murder of two Israeli hikers, Ron Levi and Revital Seri. According to PMW, Rabbo tied the hikers up at gunpoint, put bags on their heads and shot them. Abbas sent Palestinian Secretary-General Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim to the home of Abd Rabbo in the Deheisheh refugee camp to express gratitude to his family for their “sacrifice.”

“Representing President Mahmoud Abbas… [Abd Al-Rahim] spoke with Issa’s mother and conveyed President Abbas’ and the Palestinian leadership’s greetings to her. He expressed appreciation and praised her for standing strong and for what she has sacrificed throughout 30 years of waiting, coping and patience,” Al-Rahim said, PMW reported.  The PMW report also noted that the PA pays salaries to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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