An Open Letter to UConn’s Dean Grant

In response to the Ledger article “Israel Advocacy Watch: Jenin Freedom Theatre Performs at UConn” (August 30, 2013), David Freudmann of Storrs-Mansfield wrote the following open letter to Brid Grant, the dean of the UConn School of Fine Arts.

Dear Dean Grant:

I do not believe for a minute that you would allow any faculty member to use the Katter Theatre for a production hostile to gays or blacks, all your protestations about creative activity and the banner of free speech to the contrary.

In fact, Prof. Gary English’s efforts in Jenin have nothing to do with academic research, and everything to do with demonization of Israel and rendering aid and comfort to Arabs hostile to the very existence of Israel. He is an apologist for terrorism. It is a pity you did not attend the talk – an anti-Israel diatribe – he gave at the Friends (Quaker) Meetinghouse on Hunting Lodge Rd. on August 2, 2012 to better understand the man and the political motives that animate him.

It is specious for you to claim, as was cited in the press, that financial support by the university and use of its facilities do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement of the production planned for the weekend of Sept. 6 and 7 by Gary English and his theater troupe from Jenin.

By hosting English’s production at the School of Fine Arts, you are tone-deaf and insensitive at best, or share English’s hostility to Israel and his prejudiced and one-sided viewpoint at worst.

David Freudmann, Storrs-Mansfield

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