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Iran to build second nuclear reactor

( Coming off its deal with the P5+1 powers, in which it secured $7 billion in sanctions relief, Iran will build a second nuclear reactor at Bushehr. “Based on our estimates, the second nuclear power plant will be built in the same province (Bushehr) and I hope that we can use the facilities of this province,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Fars over the weekend. Iran has identified 34 locations where new nuclear facilities could be built, Fars reported.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of a loophole in its nuclear deal with world powers, Iran will press ahead with construction at its heavy water reactor at Arak, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said. The text of the deal between Iran and the P5+1 powers said the Islamic Republic would not make “any further advances of its activities” on the Arak heavy water reactor. But analysts said a possible loophole in the deal might allow Iran to build components offsite, and then assemble them at the Arak reactor.

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