The 100 Coolest Jews campaign on Kickstarter

Boulder, CO/Brooklyn, NY –  A campaign to support the writing and printing of the book The 100 Coolest Jews has been launched on The authors are seeking support from the Jewish community to cover the writing and printing of this book profiling Jews who stand out as exceptional in their respective fields.

The 100 Coolest Jews will show that not only are Jews often influential and successful, they also can be cool,” says Michael Huttner, who is co-authoring the book.

Huttner conceived of the book while out with his wife and friends at a Matisyahu concert in their hometown of Boulder. Huttner’s group of friends hotly debated whether or not Matisyahu, the Jewish reggae rapper, deserves to be ranked among the coolest Jews in the world and who else should be on the list.

“In The 100 Coolest Jews, you’ll read all about Jewish men and women, from Hollywood to Haifa, from cinema to the synagogue, with two things in common: a sense of Jewish identity and how each is making his or her mark on the world through their field, and is doing so in style,” explained Daniel Perez, Huttner’s co-author who lives in Brooklyn.

To have this book written, printed, and distributed in time for Hanukkah 2014, Huttner and Perez are hoping to raise $25,000 by the end of March.


People who can support their effort should visit and search for “100 Coolest Jews” or visit:


Members of the public can submit their nominations of whom they think should be included among the 100 by going to:

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