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Report: Hamas executed many terror tunnel diggers

( Hamas has executed dozens of terror tunnel diggers during the past couple of weeks over fears that they could pass along information to Israel, according to the Israeli news site Mako, citing a source in Gaza familiar with the tunnel industry. “They would take the diggers, about a hundred men, in vans with blindfolds so that they wouldn’t know the location of the tunnels and at the end of the day would blindfold them again and return them to their homes,” claims the Gaza source. “They feared that maybe one of them was collaborating with Israel.” According to the Gaza source, each group of excavators worked in 8 to 12 hour shifts and were paid $150 to $300 a month.

“They were very cruel,” the Gaza source added. “They annihilated some of the diggers because there was a rumor circulating that a few of them had worked with Israel or had been in touch with Israeli civilians.”

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