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Netanyahu: Iran’s aggression in Yemen, elsewhere must be stopped

( As Iran provides weapons, money, and training to the Houthi rebels who are overtaking Yemen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday warned that Iran “is conquering the Middle East.” “This is correctly seen by all the countries in the Middle East as a strategic move to dominate the region, and therefore we are witnessing something quite unprecedented,” Netanyahu told a visiting delegation of U.S. senators. “And as Israel and the Arab countries see Iran progressing with its aggression to conquer Yemen and the Bab-el-Mandeb straits, [nuclear] talks continue as usual and go on, on a deal that from everything that we hear paves Iran’s way to the bomb.” Netanyahu said he believes “the most important thing is to make sure that Iran doesn’t get a path to the bomb and that Iran’s aggression in Yemen and elsewhere, including around Israel’s borders, is stopped.”

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