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BBYO teens make the most of Sukkot


Exodus AZA and SDA BBG teens creating candy sukkahs.

Last month, the teens from BBYO Connecticut Valley Region chapters all across the state – and Western Massachusetts as well – gathered to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot in so many different ways. Stamford’s Leviticus AZA teens organized a team-building program in which they built mini-sukkahs; Exodus AZA and SDA BBG teens from the New Haven area created candy sukkahs and enjoyed a Sukkot-themed scavenger hunt; the girls of Adirah BBG of Fairfield decorated mini-sukkahs and played a trivia game with their parents; volunteers from Fairfield’s Gottlieb AZA offered their services to assemble – and then disassemble – sukkahs around town.; L’Chayim BBYO teens from Longmeadow, Mass. joined together for a program in the Sukkah; Yachad BBYO teens from Eastern Connecticut decorated a Sukkah together; and teens from Achla AZA and Sabbaba BBG in Ridgefield set up their local synagogue’s “Pizza in a Hut” event in the shul’s Sukkah.

BBYO acla aza

Achla AZA teens helped decorate a Ridgefield Sukkah.

Throughout the region, BBYO Connecticut Valley Region teens made celebrating Sukkot fun (and interactive and educational!) with friends, old and new.

CAP: Exodus ZAZ teens in the Woodbridge JCC’s sukkah.

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