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Swimming to the top


On Sunday, Nov. 1, 41 members of the Mandell JCC’s Sharks swim team of West Hartford were among those honored at the Connecticut Swimming banquet, an annual event that recognizes the top 16 swimmers in each event for the 2014-2015 swim season.

This year’s Shark swim team honorees included: James Amell, Molly Aubrey, Mitchell Baboff, Ethan Brown, Owen Brown, Alexander Chernysh, Natalie Chernysh, Paige Cox, Madison Crowley, Tahlia Crowley, Kali Dominguez, Kobe Dominguez, Tyler Grubelich, John Hagberg, Madison Hagberg, Samantha Hagberg, Emma Hapkiewicz, Ian Harker, Allie Keith, Patrick Keith, Hannah Kim, Emmie Laspada, Will Layden, Sean Leary, Alexander Lee, Aislinn Mitchell, Grace Moore, Parker Munro, Charlotte Otis, Alissa Palmer, Brian Pawlowski, Krystian Pawlowski, Carson Raisner, Eva Ramey, Malone Revis, Mason Revis, Jett Rosner, Erin Shea, Aeva Silverman, Ian Spero and Benjamin Zamstein.

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