Letters to the Ledger Opinion

Mazel Tov to a Ledger legend!

I had the privilege of working with Trudy Goldstein many years ago at the Ledger (see “”Trudy Goldstein Marks 40 Years at the Jewish Ledger,” August 19, 2016).

Lucky me!

Congratulations, Trudy! Your dedication, hard work, knowledge of the advertising business, coupled with your sweet, kind personality working with both your co-workers and the general public endears you to all. I hope you mentor a lot because you have so much to offer.

How great to be appreciated and acknowledged by your company.

You’re a lady first and foremost — a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and astute businesswoman of the highest caliber.

Lucky me that our paths crossed so long ago.

Ellen K. Roth
West Hartford

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