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The Joy of Giving

Dear Friend,

Years ago, many Jewish homes had a small blue and white tin box sitting on a shelf, usually in the kitchen, in which coins for tzedakah were regularly deposited. It was through that little box that Jewish children, from early childhood, learned that their responsibility was to care for other Jews in need.

In 2015, PJ Library began sending colorful tzedakah boxes, imprinted with messages of kindness, to young Jewish children all across the country, together with their packages of their Jewish children’s books.

Times, of course, have changed, and with it the methods of giving have become far more complex. Still, the motivation for tzedakah endures: to sustain the Jewish people, to enhance Jewish life, to strengthen Jewish identity for today – and for the many tomorrows that will rise up to embrace our children and grandchildren.

In short, giving is a fundamental part of Jewish life. And there is no better time to play your part than now.

Because now is the time of year when we think of those close to us – of family and friends with whom we will share the joy of the Thanksgiving and Chanukah season (and we think of year-end giving for tax purposes, too!).

Chanukah is a time of rededication. As 2017 comes to an end, we ask that you rededicate yourself to enhancing the community we live in by giving generously to the non-profit organizations and agencies included in the pages of our “Giving” issue.

Your gift, regardless of its size, will make a profound impact today and for future generations.

Support the charities of your choice.

Henry M. Zachs, Publisher

Connecticut Jewish Ledger

CAP: The traditional blue-and-white tzedakah box – known as the “pushke” in Yiddish – issued by the Jewish National Fund of America, was a mainstay of many Jewish homes. The box has since been redesigned.

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