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Synagogues Through a Lens

“Through BEKI Eyes: Photographs of Synagogues by our Members” is an exhibition of a selection of synagogue photographs from around the world by members of Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel in New Haven that is on view at the New Haven synagogue through October.

BEKI member Yaron Lew took this shot of the Great Synagogue of Rome (Tempio Maggiore di Roma) in Italy (2018)

The exhibition features images of synagogues from Turkey, Georgia, Morocco, India, the Virgin Islands, and Italy, and several other locations. Among the images are an ancient synagogue in ruins as well as contemporary synagogues in the United States, with a concentration of many from the last century.

“The Jews of BEKI are known to wander,” said Cynthia Beth Rubin, who organized the exhibition. “They wander for work, for vacations, to study, and out of pure curiosity and wanderlust. And because they are Jewish, their wanderings often bring them to synagogues, where they experience the striking similarities and the wonderful differences in the sensibilities and visual traditions of the different parts of the world.”

BEKI is located at 85 Harrison St. in New Haven. The exhibition is open to the public by appointment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact: (203) 389-2108 or

CAP: BEKI member Helene Sapadin snapped this shot of Sinagoga di Siena in Italy (2012).

Waving the white and blue
Israel’s Ilana Odess honored in Connecticut
Mitvzah money

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