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Beverly Hills condemns Airbnb for dropping West Bank settlements

(JTA) – The Beverly Hills, California City Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning Airbnb’s decision to remove listings of rentals in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and is encouraging a boycott of the web service.

The resolution passed last week said Airbnb’s decision demonstrates “hatred, prejudice, ignorance and hypocrisy.” It also said Airbnb’s actions “are antithetical to the values that we hold dear in Beverly Hills,” adding “prejudice and discrimination based on religion have no place in our community, country and world.”

The resolution noted that the City of Beverly Hills opposes Airbnb’s “discriminatory decision to remove all listings in Jewish settlements in the West Bank,” and calls on Airbnb to “correct this act of disrespect to the land of Israel and restore its original services immediately.” The resolution concludes that if Airbnb does not change its decision “we call upon all civilized people across the globe to boycott Airbnb until such time as they desist from these despicable anti-Semitic actions.”

Airbnb on Nov. 19 announced it would remove the listings of some 200 rooms and homes for rent in West Bank Jewish settlements.

“We find the actions of Airbnb deplorable,” said Mayor Julian Gold in a statement. “On behalf of our residents, this unanimous resolution reflects the City Council’s ongoing commitment to Israel and to exposing hatred anywhere it exists.”

“Airbnb is not welcome in Beverly Hills as long as its policies are based on anti-Jewish double standards,” Vice Mayor John Mirisch said in the statement issued by the city. “Jew hatred is a disease. We can try to inoculate others against this malady but we also must protect ourselves against its effects.”

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