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Spotify streams antisemitic playlists that glorify Hitler

(JNS) The audio-streaming service Spotify has dozens of user-created playlists with titles praising Adolf Hitler, mocking Holocaust victims, and artwork that feature swastikas and white-nationalist hate symbols, The Times of Israel discovered. The antisemitic playlist titles also include explicit calls to “gas,” “burn” or “kill” Jews; promote Holocaust denial and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories; and poke fun at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Among the titles are “GasOnThemJ3ws” and “Rocking the soccks [sic] off holocaust victims.” One playlist is titled “Songs to snort Anne Frank’s ashes,” while another called “Getting gassed with Anne Frank” has a photo of the young Holocaust victim stamped with the words “Straight Outta Auschwitz.” The “Anne Frank’s hide and seek party playlist” includes “Gas Anne Frank,” which is accompanied by a cover photo of a syringe piercing a forearm. Some playlists feature German military songs adopted by the Waffen-SS. Several others justify the actions of the Nazi leader. The Times of Israel said the playlists are searchable and available for any of the service’s more than 200 million subscribers worldwide.

On Jan. 9, a Spotify spokesperson told The Times of Israel, “The user-generated content in question violates our policy and is in the process of being removed. Spotify prohibits any user content that is offensive, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, threatening or obscene.”

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